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Job Advice to Job seekers in U.A.E and Middle east: Ensure your name not in bad list to get job in fin...

Job Advice to Job seekers in U.A.E and Middle east: Ensure your name not in bad list to get job in fin...:

Key challenges faced by the
UAE’s financial services industry when it comes to ensuring they recruit the
best candidates to their firms are varied.

The lack of a central database
holding key information about potential employees, including their personal
financial status and debt default information is a key cause for concern in the
industry, as is the absence of a functioning persona non grata - or PNG - list,
identifying employees that have been terminated by banks or other financial
services firms for reasons relating to fraud.

An absence of reliable
information is exacerbated by references that fail to offer up meaningful
information about a person’s employment record, leaving one bank vulnerable to
employing an individual with a bad history at another.

Clearer guidelines and greater
collaboration with the regulators were also cited as areas for improvement in
the financial services industry in the Middle East, with many feeling that this
would help mitigate some of the other challenges being faced, and helping
ensure all firms have a greater grasp on best practice in the industry.

This is according to panelists
who participated in HireRight’s, a company into employee screening, roundtable.
Experts also identified the cultural challenge faced when initiating a full
screening of potential employees in the region, where the concept is not widely
understood, as an area requiring careful management.

Ensuring that candidates have
a smooth screening experience is an important part of the hiring process,
especially for those unfamiliar with what it can mean. But Steve Girdler,
Managing Director, Emea and APAC for HireRight suggested that explaining the screening
process and why it is needed for candidates from the beginning of the
recruitment process can make all the difference.Read More

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World’s Best jobs and best work-life Balance

Job Advice to Job seekers in U.A.E and Middle east: World’s Best jobs and best work-life Balance: A busy job doesn’t always leave time for the good things in life. Long hours at the office and a near-permanent state of connectednes...

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